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Beyond Europe

While Europe might be one of the best self-drive holiday destinations with its wealth of cultural heritage, outstanding landscape and relative ease of driving, there are many other destinations outside the continent that we love. Furthermore, since they have "opposite" seasonality from Europe, these are great option for self-drive journeys when most of Europe is covered in snow.






Yes, Australia is way too common. Yet Tasmania is kind of undiscovered apart from the oft touted highlights of Hobart, Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park and Cradle Mountain

Primarily, Yellow Kudu loves Tassie for the endemic wildlife including the mischievous, adorable yet fearsome Tasmanian Devil, the inquisitive wombat, the fascinating echidna and a range of colourful birds. 

Also in Tassie's favour is the abundance of splendid wine to be tasted at wineries and vineyards across the island, as well as some ciders and craft beers. High quality whisky distilleries are also rising in reputation.

Complementing the alcohol is the plentiful fresh produce especially the seafood with oysters to die for and wonderful fish. Dining out in Tassie often doesn't deliver the best value (due to high labour costs), hence it is definitely a great idea to purchase fresh produce and premade products to whip up a no less fanciful meal. Plus this opens up the opportunity to drink freely without the hassle of getting back! 

Balancing out all the eating and drinking, the island is pleasantly beautiful for countless walks and hikes of varying difficulty levels. Choose from the famous Cradle Mountain and/or Freycinet National Park to the lesser known Lake St Clair, empty beaches and more.

History lovers might also revel in the 19th century nostalgia prevalent all over the island. Numerous small towns and even cities like Hobart and Launceston still feel stuck in the 19th century with traditional brick mansions and buildings.


Suggested Duration:

Most travel agents pack Tasmania into 7 days or less; while that is possible, we advocate a few more days to enjoy Tassie's idyllic atmosphere.

Consider also a few days in cosmopolitan Melbourne for a contrast to Tasmania. 

Indicative Costs:

Sample programs coming soon, for now please contact us for more details.




One of the safest and most interesting Arabian nations, Oman is a fairly compact yet somewhat diverse country.

Besides the rolling desert sand dunes, the dominant draw is the dramatic Hajar mountains with the green wadis and emerald pools, many of which has given life to rustic villages, some abandoned & others still inhabited. Drivers will love the fantastic mountain roads, although 4WD is essential due to road conditions. 


It is also convenient to experience a taste of Arabian charm and learn about Omani history. Muscat, the capital, is an unavoidable gateway, and is home to the grandiose Sultan Qaboos Mosque and comprehensive history museums. At the foot to the Hajar mountains is historical Nizwa with restored forts and a traditional souk. 

For those with more time, the southern province of Dhofar may interest history lovers with Salalah and the Frankincense Trail. Here is also where Oman's share of the Empty Quarter is.

Surrounded by the United Arab Emirates and far closer to Dubai than Muscat, the Musandam Peninsula is popular for the ocean activities, beaches, tiny fishing villages and rugged mountainous coastlines. 

Suggested Duration:

If one night stops are not a problem, Oman can be easily done in 6 nights. More nights may be added for Musandam Peninsula or Dhofar province. 

Indicative Costs:

Sample programs coming soon, a standard 6-7 nights Oman will start from around SGD 3,500-4,000, please contact us for more details.


South America

The enormous South American continent is tremendously fascinating with a wealth of stunning landscapes, gripping history and colourful cultures.

Even as Yellow Kudu is currently focusing its energy on developing Europe and Africa itineraries, it will be our pleasure to organize upon request a personalized journey to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina.


Here is why we love South America:

Ecuador is a wildlife mecca - being big on wildlife experiences, there is no reason why Yellow Kudu is not thrilled by the wild Galapagos Islands, combined with mainland experiences such as hikes in the forest in search for the Andean bears and/or a nature lodge in Yasuni, Ecuador's share of the Amazon. 

Chile & Argentina are both countries with excellent self-drive opportunities, which again is another of our core passion. The north, central & south of these elongated nations cannot be any more different, shifting from arid mountains to glacier topped mountains with alpine like landscape. 

Throughout the countries are great walks to be enjoyed, as well as notable wildlife experiences, particularly marine animals, as well as the elusive puma (which most travel agents don't tell you about!). 

Peru is always an unmissable part of a South American itinerary - definitely either in a first or second time holiday. The chief highlight is none other than the outstanding Machu Picchu ruins, accompanied by numerous other Incan sites in the Sacred Valley. 


The capital, Lima, is an exciting gourmet destination and a vibrant cosmopolitan city and also functions as an excellent gateway to about every other South American country.


Suggested Duration:

As many days as one can afford, there are countless experiences to pack into a South America journey. 

Indicative Costs:

Please contact us for more details.