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Passion #01:

Road Trip Convoys

Love the thrill of behind the wheel in a foreign destination yet less confident being on your own and prefer the safety in numbers? Or perhaps you may love socializing with like-minded drivers over a road trip?


Share the experience of discovering fascinating destinations ranging from re-imagined classics like Italy and Switzerland to more exotic options such as Oman & Tanzania together on our small group Kudu on the Road journeys!

Non-drivers are always welcomed too.

Check out here which destinations are lined up for upcoming Kudu on the Road convoy tours.

Passion #02:

Comfort to Luxe African Safaris

There is a reason why we chose the kudu (an African antelope) for our name. African safaris are simply amazing and always magical beyond words.


Yet so are the costs, which can be mind blowing too! If you can afford to indulge in a luxury African safari experience, it is certainly worth every cent.


If not, fret not, you don't have to pitch your own tent in the wild or cook your own meals. Proper camps with simple comforts can be selected to create a more affordable African safari journey in the same irresistible African bush.

Whether comfort or luxury, it is always your own private journey.

Our founder has years of experience selling Africa, simply speak to us or gain some inspirations here.

Passion #03:

Personalized Journeys

-Road (& Non-Road)- 

Think of your journey as a Lego project. Choose the bricks you desire to build up your own personalized holiday. 

Yellow Kudu Journeys can offer and arrange for various tour, transport and hotel options, building them to your requirements. Or simply replicate one of our scheduled self-drive convoy journeys for a private trip. No need to exhaust yourself on the endless research and have more time for the things you love. 


While our passion is self-drive road journeys, we may offer non-road trip options for certain destinations too.

Discover more about our private personalized journeys here.

In the travel industry, unconventional usually hints at a premium. 

While we do not charge peanuts, we strive for more down to earth rates to be accessible for more wanderlust travelers to enjoy unconventional journeys, be it uncovering off the beaten track gems or discovering classic destinations in a different light.

It is akin to paying a little more for a specialist doctor, for a limited edition hobby item, for a customized set of clothes or jewelry, or for an indulgent gourmet restaurant.


Therefore, if travelling is your passion, why not treat yourself to a journey where a professional organizes the details for you?

Where will your wanderlust lead you?

Our Commitment:

Unconventional Yet Accessible

True Wanderlust

Where will you allow your wanderlust to bring you?


There is more to the world beyond Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Even more beyond France, USA and UK.


Dive deeper into or past Rome, Florence, Venice, Madrid & Barcelona. There is more to Italy and Spain beyond these big names. 


Perhaps discover the less featured and less trodden regions of central and eastern Europe. Or even set your dreams on a totally unexpected destination, immersing in the marvelous wilderness of Africa on a South Africa holiday or a Tanzania great migration safari.


Allow Yellow Kudu Journeys to satisfy your uncommon wanderlust.

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Our Beliefs: